Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The 11th Congress

Members gather after the 11th Congress for a group photo. Pictured from left to right—foreground; Mr. B. Joyce, Mr. J. Stepp, Mr. R. Browne, Mr. M. Walker, Mr. M. Flagler, Mr. B. Johnson. Background; Mr. J. McLaughlin, Mr. J. Back, Mr. S Griffith, Mr. C. Farmer, Mr. J. Carr, Mr P. Box.  
The 11th Congress
Neon's Unplugged on April 10, 2013

The 11th Congress convened on April 10th at Neon's.  Present were Messrs. Walker, Carr, Johnson, Griffith, Flagler, Back, Browne, Stepp, Joyce and Pledges J. McLaughlin and C. Farmer.
  Sec.-Treas. Johnson reported $130 in the till. Pledges Farmer and McLaughlin's nominations were unanimously approved.
  In old business, Ambassador Griffith reported on the sponsorship of the Roller Girls.  The club banner has been hung, well-hung I'm sure, in the Cincinnati Gardens.  Vice President Carr and Confessor Back led a discussion regarding the pipe club box, a very fine box I'm sure.  Confessor Back promised to provide members with keys to the box as soon he trusts them.  President Walker proclaimed the May meeting as Founder’s Day to commemorate the first birthday of the club. 
In New Business: Annual dues were established at $20.  Payments were received by the Vice President, Ambassador, Sec.-Treasurer and Mr. McLaughlin.  The Ambassador reported that the buttons were on order.  Two club outings were discussed and approved.  The first is a visit to the Tobacco Festival in Ripley, Ohio, in August, and the second to the USA v. Mexico World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, Ohio, in September.  With that, the meeting was concluded and the members retreated to the bar for official photographs and club shots.

FIeld Trip

Club Field Trip to Carrousel Tobacco Shoppe and The Mustard Club
On the morning of Saturday, March 9th, several members met in an OTR parking lot, permission slips in hand, and prepared to board various vehicles destined north to the Carrousel Keyer Tobacco Shoppe in Roselawn. 2 members had prior commitments and were unable to attend, another 2 were no-shows, and 3 others did not have their permission slips signed so were left behind. Of the 5 that made the trip all were greeted warmly by the Keep.
Members shuffled about the aisles, of which there are two if you count either side of the loose tobacco display, and purveyed the fine wares for sale. Items were purchased; most notably the large wooden pipe that now adorns the heights of the Pipe Box and a stylish new Peterson for Mr. J. Stepp. After sampling many of the smartly blended offerings, the Keep took our picture, we smoked with the Indian and departed. (See Cincinnati Tobacconists for a review)

After parting ways with the Ambassador, whom  had  a thingy or something to do elsewhere, members headed to Mecklenburg Gardens for the monthly meeting of the Händlmaier Mustard Club.   The intentions of an afternoon rumble were soon thwarted after calculating the number and size of the Mustard membership. With a quick vote, rumbling was exchanged for handshakes, split-the-pot donations, and cold pints of beer.  All-in-all a fine group of folks be they somewhat befuddled by the gents with pipes in their midst.
The gents at Mecklenburg Gardens enjoying pints of Bell’s Ale. From left: Mr. B. Johnson, Mr. M. Walker, Mr. J. Stepp, Greg Pilch of Bell’s,  Mr. J. Carr, and Mr. R. Browne.

  The establishment (c. 1865) is a treat in itself, featuring the original Germanic architectural elements intact, including heavy timber beams, stained glass windows, fireplaces and mahogany bar. The 100 year old grape vines flourish in the outdoor beer gardens providing shaded refuge for a quiet briar.

Recommended stop by; The Mustard Club meets the second Saturday of the month at 11am, at Mecklenburg Gardens, 302 East University Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219.

New Members

President, VP, and Mr. J. Taylor
Mr. J. Taylor, sponsored by the VP was voted in at the 8th Congress, Mr. Taylor claims the longest briar, enjoys baking, saying  the  word “sports” and the hookah.
VP and Mr. T. Hunter
 Mr. T. Hunter, also sponsored by the VP, joined at the 9th Congress and was voted in absentia as our first international member being that he currently resides in Mexico. Hunter owns/ops a beach bar, prefers Canadians and enjoys buying fish sticks and claiming he caught them.
Mr. J. McLaughlin
  Mr. J. McLaughlin and Mr. C. Farmer, both sponsored by the Ambassador, were voted in at the 11th Congress. Mclaughlin enjoys roller derby, baseball and defying gravity.
Mr. C. Farmer
 Mr. Farmer on the other hand is missing. We plan to send out a search party but we have to meet on it first assuming it makes the agenda. Hang in there mate, we’re coming, eventually, maybe.

The 10th Congress

The 10th Congress

Bockfest Pint Glass Award for Awesomeness or hats, one of the two.
Neon's Unplugged on March 13, 2013 6:08 pm
Mr. S. Griffith, The Ambassador,  substituting for Mr. B. Johnson, Sect-Treas.

Present: Pres. M. Walker, Sgt-at-Arms R. Browne, Ambassador S. Griffith, Confessor J. Back, Mr. J. Stepp, Mr. J. Taylor, Mr. C. Hochscheid.
Old Business: Mr. Ambassador discussed the sponsorship of the Rollergirls. Members expressed intrest in supporting, additional tickets. President will investigate a banner for hanging. President thanks everyone for their participation in the Bockfest March. Pipe Club won Best Dressed. President expressed sadness that the Confessor was not named New Pope. Mr. Ambassador detailed his story about being pulled over upon leaving Carousel.
In New Business:: Opening Day will have Baseball. President asks if we could get into the parade. April 13th, Tobacco Festival in Ripley Ohio. President proclaims interest. Confessor brought the Official Holder of Pipes for the new case. Cost of $35 will be reimbursed with special assessment. President proclaims Kudos to the new box on the wall at Home Base. President is “working on mission statement.”
Free Association Period: 
President asks who next tattoo girl of newsletter will be. President admonishes VP for listing self as editor and chief. It should be editor in chief. Discussion of business man’s day special.  Discussion of KY outing. President recommends Edgewood Tavern. Much discussion of the box. Engraving, etching, shelves and such. Mr. J. Stepp moves to adjorn. Mr. C. Hochsheid seconded. Motion passed.

The Back Page

Musings By Mr. J. Back, The Confessor
I like my phone. My phone is good because my friends call me and I answer when they do. When I get lonely I call myself. But I never answer. This is strange because I always answer my phone. I always leave a message and I always get the message but...but I stopped returning them because I never answer. Perhaps I will text myself. I like texting because it makes words and I like to read. I will text myself something clever. I am texting myself now.


Pipe Club Sponsors Rollergirls

The Pipe Club of OTR is extremely proud to be an official team sponsor of the 2013 Cincinnati Rollergirls for the entire season. The Pipe Club Executive Sub-Committee made a hasty, but brilliant decision between Congresses to seize the opportunity to sponsor the team alongside other OTR power brokers such as The Famous Neons Unplugged & MOTR Pub. The Pipe Club is featured in the program for each bout and on the website. The club also has a Pipe Club banner hung in the beautiful Cincinnati Gardens for each bout. Mr. S. Griffith, Ambassador  secured season passes, as well, for the purposes of wining & dining nationally renown pipe enthusiast luminaries. Thanks to: Griffith for leading the project, Walker for getting the banner produced.